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Welcome to Blind Owl, I hope you guys like books, tv and personal anguish! This site is gonna be me talking about and reviewing books. Also, general blog posts. No set theme yet but hoping to find it along the way. So, subscribe and I hope you enjoy!

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I’m the sixth son of a seventh son. My brother has just breathed life into the world and already the fucker is doing miracles. In the...

Lambing Season

He was down in the farm when his phone rang. Sixty two years of age and still able to manage his sheep. Wading through the muck and rain...

Books of March

This is going to be a monthly review thing I'm going to do. All the books I read a month I'm just going to do a big group review. Now,...

Tumbleweeds and Diatribes

I have this image of America in my head. It's every cliche in the book. Literally. It's filled with wide expansive roads that seem to...

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Any questions, advice or ideas for future posts, hit me up via the email below.

Galway, Ireland

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